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I've been thinking about what I want for my first concealed carry firearm. I've had the S&W M&P Shield recommended but I find it too large for me to comfortably conceal. That being said I was thinking of going with tge newer M&P Bodyguard in .380. However, when I went in to the local shop I plan on buying from the other day after work, the guy behind the counter told me the Bodyguard is unreliable and they didnt have one on their range because it broke.

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Oarfish are very rarely seen. They are often considered the cause of “sea-serpent” myths as they can reach lengths of up to 30ft. Not much is known about their behavior or life cycle as they are rarely encountered. They only come upto the surface if they are seriously injured or dying.

I was just thinking of this animal today.

Should have included that them washing ashore sometimes forewarns earthquakes and tsunamis.

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Why are you against gun control? I don't think you can grasp just how lethal high capacity magazines can be to civilians. I just lost two good friends and their deaths could have been prevented had high capacity magazines been banned. They were driving home from a study group at the local library one night when a car in the other lane swerved and hit em head on killing both my friends instantly. The driver of the car turned out to be a high capacity magazine that had been drinking that night.

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This is art.


I’m in one of those ‘storm Capitol Hill with an AK and a black and yellow flag’ moods, so I’m listening to my ‘For The Revolution’ playlist. I really need to post that whole playlist like I said I would do a year ago…