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u don't kneed a knife or a gun to defend yourself. three lbs of plastic explosives are enough for 99% of self-defense situations.

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I…I was about to disagree but I like the humor this took

The direction this took was reasonable.



'Militia', like 'anarchy', is one of those words that has been totally skewed in public perception due to the way it's used in the media, and that's a very unfortunate thing.

People think Militias are bad and anarchy is good.

More people think anarchy is synonymous with chaos, when in reality it simply means a lack of government, which are not necessarily the same thing.

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Someone hacked into a bunch of celebrity iCloud accounts and leaked a shit ton of nudes.

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Oh for crying out loud.


It honestly breaks my heart to think that somewhere in the world right now, Jennifer Lawrence (in addition to multiple other women) may very well be crying her eyes out because her privacy has been greatly compromised in one of the most awful ways possible. This is so fucking disgusting and whoever did this is a fucking low-life pig.

wait what

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What part of Georgia are you from? I'm here now at airborne training

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Awesome, man, I live out in Talbot County at the moment, but I work in Columbus. How’s Benning treating you?

'Militia', like 'anarchy', is one of those words that has been totally skewed in public perception due to the way it's used in the media, and that's a very unfortunate thing.

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I was once told that "Militia is only a bad word if you're a tyrant". Bullshit. It's a bad word if you want a normal, happy life. It's a bad word if you want to drive to work, and NOT see bodies all over the place. It's a bad word if you have people that you love, and care about. It's a bad word if you don't want to wonder whether or not you'll be the next to die. If what I just said makes me a tyrant, I'll wear it with pride.

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I think you have a seriously skewed sense of what ‘militia’ means. Yes, we train with weapons. Why? To defend our family, friends, and neighbors from aggression, be it from an enemy within the country or from outside. But that’s not all there is to actually being ‘militia.’

I made a post about this and I fished it up in response:

"Well, I was out shooting with my family today when out of the blue we saw a huge column of smoke rising over the horizon to the east. My dad and myself, wearing a Multicam combat shirt, Multicam pants, and a 45 on my hip, looking for all the world like a stereotypical militia member, jumped in a truck and headed down the road to find the source. Turned out a couple acres of brush were burning merrily a few miles down the road. Ended up working a 500-pound hose with the local volunteer firefighters alongside Georgia Forestry. Not the first time and It won’t be the last.

For anyone who’s ever wondered or looked at the ‘militia’ bit of my name, this is what a militia truly entails. It isn’t all guns and gear and training, though that’s a big part of it. It’s providing medical attention to car crash victims as a first responder. It’s organizing to help clear roads and fix houses after a storm. It’s mobilizing to help fight fires and find missing persons in the woods. And if necessary, it means taking up arms to defend your neighbors, no matter the threat and whatever the odds.

That’s what it actually means to be a militia member. You hear a lot of propaganda in the media about militias being ‘terrorists’ or ‘hate groups’. Some self - styled militia groups may be just that. But all it really means is being the one who runs towards the smoke to help those in your community, even though it isn’t your job and you don’t get paid or recognized. You do it anyway, because that’s who and what you are.”

I have never once pulled a trigger or taken a life in the line of what I would consider ‘militia duty.’ I’ve treated the injured, fought fires, helped rebuild homes damaged by storms, I’ve helped track missing persons and fugitives, I’ve offered protective services to protesters, I’ve responded to car accidents. I’ve saved lives in the line of what I would consider my duty as a militiaman.

A day may come where American militias do what you’re describing, where people die on the side of the road, but it won’t be us, not the true militias. Don’t get me wrong, there are people who claim to be ‘militia’ that are nothing more than terrorists. They WANT a war. Me, I’d love to lay down my guns and my gear someday. I hate the thought of fighting in a war, of hurting anyone, but so long as we have a government bent on tyrannizing and oppressing our people, we will be here. We won’t fire the first shot and we’ll make every effort to protect the innocent, but we’re willing to fight if we have to to defend our people.

If you think THAT is a bad thing, then you ARE a tyrant and you need to reconsider your philosophy.

And by the way, my life is pretty normal and pretty happy, actually. I work a well-paying stable job (I’m a nurse, hey.), I have lots of friends I spend a lot of time with doing regular things that friends do, I have lots of hobbies. Despite my ongoing relationship issues, I have a very full, very fulfilling life, and being ‘militia’ is only one part of that.